Easy way to prevent your WordPress Login Page from Hackers

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December 9, 2019

Believe me prevent WordPress login page from hacker is really easy than recovering from them

Prevent Your WordPress Login Page from Hackers
Prevent Your WordPress Login Page from Hackers

The WordPress login page is a common target for hackers because it provides access to the WordPress admin area.

Once your site is hacked, it can be a big mess. It can take hours and hours to fix. And if google boats found malicious code on the site, then your site can be blacklisted. Which is really, really, really bad for the SEO, and it can be a big hit. So preventing a wp-login page is always good practice for security.

Few tips to make your wp-login secure

Set up a website lockdown feature and ban users

A lockdown feature is – when someone tries to attempt login with the wrong password / brute force attempts, the site will get lockdown. And you will get notified via email too.

There is a best plugin for the security iThemes Security which we are providing on our main plan

Use two-factor authentication for WordPress admin

Best 2FA is Google Authenticator

Rename your login URL to secure your WordPress website

WordPress default login URL is /wp-login.php or if you type http://www.mydomain.com/wp-admin and you will redirect to wp-login.php

There are few reasons to rename your login URL

  • Any one can tell you that you are using WordPress
  • Anyone will have your website admin URL
  • Now Anyonce can try with default username and guess your password and you will be hacked.

So better to secure your login URL – There are few plugins

User super strong password

Passwords are Your Digital Keys, so always choose super strong password for any websites. Your password must be at-least 8 character, and it must be a mixture of all. here I am letting you know few tricks to create / remember super strong passwords.

Trick 1
Password = Igmfca16ambw$15
Above password is really hard to remember but think like below
I got my first car at 16, and my budget was $15k
Take first character from every word – It contain Capital / Numeric / symbol .
you have to think creative, simple.

Trick 2
Create your own formula.
Suppose your name is Danish – so to create a strong password, you can use the first letter capital and put the 2nd last character = digit and after the last character put SHIFT + 345 for example.
so your password something like Danis7h#$%

There are lots of tricks to create a super strong password and also easy to remember – so always use strong password.

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